“Euodoō – Journal of Rural Future Study” 2022 released

ARI is releasing the 2022 edition of its euodoō – Journal of Rural Future Study today! Euodoō is ARI’s annual journal that features research papers and essays on important topics of the Rural Leaders Training Program: sustainable farming, community building, servant leadership—all with a ‘rural future’ in mind that is waiting to be built! This time, we present the reflection paper by a recent Kenyan graduate, an academic thesis on ecology by a Japanese volunteer, and an essay on leadership by an ARI staff member. In addition, you can find … Read more

“Children and Soil” – documentary now online

Please enjoy the latest documentary on our YouTube channel: Children and Soil. How do children gain awareness of ecology and appreciate the lives of their farming parents? In this beautiful film, “Children and Soil” (2017), school children in India and West Bengal encounter their home communities’ soil. Soil for building, soil for playing, soil for growing food. How children from different situations see agriculture, how teachers develop school gardens, their different—often contrasting—approaches to learning about nature and farming are documented here. The 48 minutes film primarily follows the work of … Read more

“Adding Value” – documentary about Ardhendu Chatterjee

A new documentary film is now accessible on our YouTube channel: Adding Value – Ardhendu S. Chatterjee and Food-Insecure Farmers In Search of Hidden Resources. In this documentary film, we follow rural educator Ardhendu S. Chatterjee as he visits farmers in grassroots Indian communities. Through the perceptive use of natural, living materials, Chatterjee helps farmers practice ecological agriculture to secure their livelihood. Chatterjee is a 1976 graduate of ARI’s Rural Leaders Training and co-founder of the Development Research Communication and Services Centre (DRCSC) in Kolkata. ARI regularly invited him as … Read more

Our 2020 Annual Report – now available in English!

You can now read our 2020 Annual Report That We May Live Together in English! The report is a detailed overview of our training, our farm, and our many activities with supporters and learners from Japan and overseas in 2020. Of course, the report directs particular attention to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. How did it affect ARI, and what actions did we at ARI take to ensure safety? While maintaining community life, we spent the year without compromising ARI’s values but instead reaffirmed the importance of those values. … Read more

A Football Garden for Sierra Leone – documentary portrays ARI graduate

You can now watch the documentary A Football Garden for Sierra Leone on our official YouTube channel! This documentary portrays Pastor Mambud Samai and his organization, the Single Leg Amputee Sports Association (SLASA). Mambud is the association’s program coordinator and a 2018 graduate of the Rural Leaders Training Program at the Asian Rural Institute. “In Sierra Leone, many youths live with amputations in the wake of the civil war,” said Mambud at the beginning of his training at ARI. “Using the sport of soccer, I work to empower these young … Read more

Job Opening for Part-Time Staff

The Asian Rural Institute (ARI) is seeking a qualified candidate to serve as contract part-time staff member. The position is for a Japanese-speaking accountant to join our General Affairs Section. The contract starts from January 2022. Please find details from our recruitment page (Only in Japanese): パートタイム職員募集

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“Euodoō – Journal of Rural Future Study” released.

We are pleased to announce the publication of the latest issue of euodoō – Journal of Rural Future Study. Euodoō is ARI’s annual journal, presenting insightful analysis, essays, and ideas from people connected to ARI. The thesis papers and essays in Euodoō nr. 5 link the topics of biodiversity, food security, and family farming with the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope the ideas and research in this edition will reach many supporters, graduates, and fans of ARI. Contributors Among the contributors are ARI staff and 1999 graduate Zacivolu ‘Acivo’ Rhakho Dozo … Read more

Regarding the 2021 ARI Rural Leaders Training Program

Due to the uncertainty of visas being issued for overseas students in relation to COVID-19 restrictions, the 2021 ARI Rural Leaders Training Program (RLTP) will be making several adjustments throughout the year.  The program will currently begin on campus as scheduled with three Japanese participants. Please watch over them warmly.  We hope that over the course of the year, we will gradually be joined by our overseas participants as well.  We appreciate our extended ARI community during these times and continue to look forward to your engagement and support towards the … Read more

Welcome to our new website!

We are delighted to launch the brand-new ARI website. After over a year of preparation, this new website is a complete rebuild, offering new features, updated content, and improved usability. A better website had been in high demand to present ARI’s activities and values more suitably and to respond to the many needs of ARI’s diverse audience: our fans, friends, supporters, partners, and, of course, Rural Leaders and grassroots organizations who benefit from our training program. The new site is structured with ARI’s growing audience and their different needs in … Read more