Welcome to our new website!

We are delighted to launch the brand-new ARI website. After over a year of preparation, this new website is a complete rebuild, offering new features, updated content, and improved usability.

A better website had been in high demand to present ARI’s activities and values more suitably and to respond to the many needs of ARI’s diverse audience: our fans, friends, supporters, partners, and, of course, Rural Leaders and grassroots organizations who benefit from our training program. The new site is structured with ARI’s growing audience and their different needs in mind.

One challenge was to find a technical solution to better present content in both Japanese and English. For that purpose, we are giving the ‘News’ and ‘Events’ pages complete restarts. New content in both languages will be added slowly, with official announcements, stories, and event information. Yes, the new website has a big potential to grow, and we will add more features gradually!

We hope that you will enjoy browsing the site and bookmark it for easy access.

We, the staff of ARI’s Fundraising section, express special appreciation to all people who have helped in making this new milestone possible: the volunteers who gave tips, the proofreaders, translators, and all ARI members who have been part of it. Thank you!