We are a community-based school in Japan.
We welcome people from the whole world
to learn how to live together
peacefully and sustainably.

The Class of 2023

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Becquerel Center

We measure soil, water, and food for radiation

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What does ARI do?

Rural Leaders Training Program

Servant Leadership

Sustainable Agriculture

Community Building

Award-Winning Training
for Community Leaders

Our main training program strengthens the abilities of Rural Leaders from Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Pacific.


Every year, we invite such leaders from grassroots organizations to Japan so they can take part in 9 months of intense training. 


The participants undergo a deeply transformative learning experience that helps them find solutions to their communities’ most pressing challenges. 

Rural Leaders

We invite farmers, community organizers, social workers, and ministers who work with marginalized people.

Communal Learning

A diverse group of 30 participants lives and learns together on our campus for 9 months.

Practical Learning

The curriculum emphasizes daily practice and the transfer of powerful values.

Multiplied Impact

ARI graduates bring their new skills, values, and knowledge back to their communities.

Open Learning for Everyone

Foodlife & Ecology

Community Building

Peace & Service

Connect with People, Soil, and Heart

ARI is an educational hub that welcomes everybody to gain practical skills and social awareness in a vibrant, international community of learning.   


Our study camps, fellowship programs, and farm experience programs have inspired countless people from Japan and abroad to lead more meaningful and connected lives. 


Join us in exploring the meaning of “Living Together.”

Events, Classes, Study Tours

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Working Visitor Program

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Study Camps

Unforgettable study programs for groups of all ages.

A Global Supporter Community

Connect with Outstanding People

Learning Experiences

Care for Planet and Community

Fulfilling the Mission Together

Thousands of people support ARI through their collaboration, partnership, and finances.


They believe in our mission of building an environmentally healthy, just and peaceful world, and know we are committed to sustain food and life for future generations.


Please join our vibrant community of supporters who learn and work together to achieve this mission.

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We welcome volunteers to live and work on the ARI campus.

A Lasting Impact on the Planet

Building a Sustainable and Peaceful World

For over 45 years, ARI has been at the forefront of promoting life-giving agriculture, rural community development, and peace worldwide. 


Our values and unique sense of community have inspired thousands of people to serve their own communities better. They work in education, health, agriculture, human rights, and many other relevant fields worldwide. 


Graduates of
the Training Program
each year
Active Donors
500 s
of volunteers from
1973 to today