Donate from Overseas

Donate from Overseas

We encourage you to make a donation to our school.
Big or small, every bit helps us in our important work.

Half of ARI’s yearly revenue depends on general donations. Individuals, groups, and the organizations who give ensure that our education programs continue to impact lives and change the world for better. They sustain our efforts to fulfill our mission: to build an environmentally healthy, just and peaceful world. 

Official supporters receive our newsletters, are invited to special events and can visit ARI at discounted fees. 

How You Can Give

Credit/Debit Card

You can give from our US partner site.

Postal Transfer

Send money through a Japanese post office.

Bank Remittance

Donate through your bank account in Japan or Canada.


Overseas donors can give by check.

Your donation
makes an impact

$ 50
a week's worth of vehicle fuel
$ 100
a day's worth of administration costs
$ 500
a month's worth of publication expenses
$ 1000
a month's worth of utilities

Donate from the United States

US citizens may make tax-deductible gifts to ARI through AFARI (the American Friends of ARI).

American Friends of Asian Rural Institute, Inc.
2028 Ben White Blvd #240-900
Austin, TX 78741

U.S. phone number: 

Online Donation

You can donate online through AFARI’s page. It works from any country. 


You can send a check to American Friends of ARI.

American Friends of Asian Rural Institute, Inc.
2028 Ben White Blvd #240-900
Austin, TX 78741

Other Countries



Canadian citizens can make tax-deductible donation to the United Church of Canada to support ARI. Cheques payable to the United Church of Canada should be sent to:

United Church of Canada, Partners in Mission Unit
3250 Bloor St. W.
Etobicoke, ON M8X 2Y4
Attn: Pat Elson

(Please designate “ARI” on the cheque)

General donations keep ARI running

We use general donations to finance our school’s operating costs: personnel, administration, and educational activities, and research.

In 2018, total operating expenses were over USD 1,550,000 (JPY 175m)

Personnel expenses
$ 700,000
Administration expenses
$ 600,000
Education & Research expenses
$ 250,000

General donations make up half of ARI’s revenue

General donations made up 48% of ARI’s total revenue in 2018. The rest of income was generated  by sales and services (21%) and through scholarships and training fees specifically aimed to support the Rural Leaders Training Program (RLTP, 20%).  

Total operating revenue was over USD 1,200,000 (JPY 134m)

Sources of Income

General Donations towards ARI
Sales and services
Donations towards the RLTP

Breakdown of General Donations

Donations from Japan
$ 260,000
Donations from overseas
$ 124,000
Special donations
$ 126,000
$ 92,000


Where do you like to donate from?