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Support & Partnership

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ARI is all about community and we invite you to join our mission of building a sustainable and peaceful planet.  By becoming an ARI Supporter you and us can fulfill this mission together. 

Thousands of supporters and many organizations around the globe who believe in our mission have already contributed to ARI. 

 Exchanging trust and resources, we all benefit from a lasting partnership as we build an extended Community of Learning and worldwide family. 

ARI does not receive government funding. We rely on our network of supporters, fans, and partners to deliver quality education and continue to build empowered rural communities.

What You Can Do

Your money, time, and talent help fulfill our mission and contributes to lives around the world!


Make a general donation to help ARI run and achieve its mission.

Directly support a Rural Leader’s training by giving towards their tuition and/or airfare.

Send necessary items,  equipment, vehicles, or travel miles—we’ll make good use of them!


Join our community for a time of service and growth as a long-term volunteer!

Collaborate with ARI for unique partnerships in education, fellowship, and faith.

Donate to ARI

Support ARI with your donation to help us fulfill our mission! 

ARI’s day to day operations are largely financed by general donations. Individual donors and various organizations contribute with small and large amounts. 

Donate from Japan

 You can give once or set up a regular donation. Credit card and bank transfer options are available.

Donate from Overseas

 You can donate from overseas through our partner organizations. Credit card and check options are available.

Sponsor a Rural Leader

You can support the participation of a rural leader in our Training Program. No matter if you contribute a part or a full scholarship, your gift enables  Rural Leaders to receive quality education for their communities.

We welcome individuals as well as dedicated groups, churches, and businesses to support this vital training.


$ 2000
Average Airfare
$ 116000
Tuition for one Rural Leader

Sponsor a Rural Leaders' Trip or Study

Most of the sending bodies who send a participant to our Rural Leaders Training Program are grassroots organizations from  the Global South. They seldom can afford the full airfare and tuition. However, you can sponsor them!  

Toshihiro Takami Scholarship Fund

You can make a designated donation to the Toshihiro Takami Scholarship Fund or establish a named scholarship fund in honor or memory of a beloved one. 

Your gift is a lasting legacy that will provide a scholarship, even multiple scholarships, for Rural Leaders.

Send In-Kind Gifts

Goods and services gifted to ARI are used by the community as well as for sales with the consent of the donors. The proceeds help cover the training fees of Rural Leaders. 

Volunteer at ARI

Volunteers help the ARI staff in their daily work: on the farm, in the kitchen, and in the office. They become crucial members and contributors of ARI’s Community of Learning

Long-Term Volunteers (2-12 months)

Up to a dozen long-term volunteers live and work on our campus. All age groups and nationalities are welcome!

Commuting Volunteers

Commuting volunteers visit the campus regularly. They  contribute their rich work experience and enjoy our international community. 


We partner with a wide range of schools and farmers, as well as civil and faith-based organizations who share our values. We support each other through meaningful exchange, education, and fellowship. 

Contact us to find out how we can join forces! 

Educational Partners

ARI partners with schools and colleges in Japan and beyond for unique mutual learning experiences.

Faith Organizations

Our broad network of Christian partners and other faith organizations grows with meaningful collaborations.


Where do you like to donate from?