Long-Term Volunteers

stay from 2 — 12 months

live and work on campus

work in different sections

Friendship. Farming. Inspiration.

Long-term volunteers tremendously support ARI’s mission by working together with the staff while gaining life-changing experiences. They are a crucial part of ARI’s daily operations,  farm, and Community of Learning. 

Volunteers live simply and work hard, but they find great rewards in their experience at ARI. We welcome people of all ages, talents, and faiths.

If you are interested in a stay of 2-60 days, click here:

The Volunteer Experience

There are usually up to 12 long-term volunteers from Japan, Germany, USA and other countries on campus. They come privately or as part of service programs and internships. Youth and seniors alike find many opportunities to serve and learn at ARI. 

A Sustainable Way of Life

By joining ARI’s daily Foodlife Work, volunteers learn not only about food and agriculture but about sustainable ways of life. Rotating through different sections, they get to know ARI’s integrated Foodlife system, enjoy wholesome meals, and serve the community through their hard work. No farming experience required!

Making a Community

Together with staff and participants, volunteers live in dormitories and spend every day as active members of our multicultural community.
Volunteers also join and organize community building events for sport and recreation. They also get to share their stories during the daily Morning Gathering: the time for community members to listen, meditate, and worship together.

Living with people from 20 different countries, volunteers contribute with their personalities and values to the community’s journey to discover the meaning of ARI’s motto, “That We May Live Together.”  

Reinvent Yourself

Nobody leaves ARI the same way as they arrive. Even though volunteers do not take part in a training program, the experience can lead to profound personal growth. They reflect on ARI’s values, gain fresh perspectives, overcome challenges and experience alternative ways of living.  

Volunteers learn new skills in their work sections and during Foodlife Work. They make inspiring encounters with people from ARI’s community of supporters. And they are filled with energy to transform their own world when they complete their service.    

Volunteer Work

Every volunteer serves in one or two main sections during the day, working closely with ARI staff. We usually appoint assignments with regard to experience and skills. We expect volunteers to be dedicated and diligent in their purpose to serve others.

High in Demand Skills

– cooking and food processing
– carpentry, mechanics, plumbing, and electrics
– gardening and farming
– digital media and marketing
– photography and video
– IT and website management
– medical knowledge
– organization skill
– musical ability


Crops & Vegetables
Work on 6 hectare of fields, greenhouses, and farm storage. 

Take care of pigs, goats, chickens, ducks, and fish from birth to butchering.

Food Education and Sustainable Table (FEAST)
Prepare meals for the community and manage our food resources.


Community Life
Care for the community’s wellbeing.

Ecumenical Relations
Assist in communicating and working with our overseas partners.

Communicate with applicants and institutions around the world.

Graduate Outreach
Communicate with graduates and alumni networking.


Food Processing
Prepare and produce food products for sales and promotion.

Office & Sales
Help in the management and sales of our products and in ARI’s PR.

Nasu Seminar House
Help maintaining the facility and take care of the many visitors.

How to Join
Currently Needed

We are looking for people for the following sections:

Our Volunteer Sending Bodies and Partnerships


Evangelical Mission in Solidarity
Sozialer Friedensdienst Kassel, e.V.

United States

Church of the Brethren, Brethren Volunteer Service
The Episcopal Church
United Church of Christ, Common Global Mission Board
United Methodist Church, Global Ministries