Open Learning Programs

find what is truly important

Foodlife & Ecology

Learn how to integrate nature, health, and agriculture on our farm.

Peace & Service

A cornerstone of ARI: making a just and peaceful world by serving others.

Community Building

Explore rich human relationships through our diverse community.

Every year, hundreds of people take part in our Open Learning Programs. They share meals, touch the soil, meet remarkable people and discover what is truly important in life.

Our multicultural, English-speaking community with its organic farm is a welcoming place with many events for children, families, youth, adults, and seniors.

In all of this, we want to share our way of life with you—a way that is more sustainable, peaceful, and based on powerful spiritual values. 

What You Can Do

Experience Programs

Work on our farm and become a community member for up to 8 weeks.

Your group can join this popular program of farming and study.

We organize distinct study tours to rural communities in Asia and Africa.

Leadership and service training for schools, NGOs, churches, and business.

Events & Classes

Workshops, talks, and markets are a great way to get to know ARI or reunite with friends.

You can also meet us at various events like Earth Day, Global Festa, and our annual “Caravan.”

School and Farm Combined

Our campus has many facilities for learning and farming. 

Koinonia Hall

Dining hall with space to study and socialize.

Oikos Chapel

A space for meditation upcycled from a traditional Japanese farm house.

Vegetable Farm

6ha of rice, crops, and vegetable fields as well as a composting area and workshop for processing and experimentation.

Livestock Farm

Our main livestock consist of goats, pigs, poultry and fish. We also produce a major part of the feed material.

Conference Room

Space for up to 20 people. Projector and laptop can be hired.​


English and Japanese media with focus on farming and development.

Bicycle Rental

Visitors can rent bicycles for their stay. ​​

Stay & Eat

Nasu Seminar House

You can stay comfortably in the guest house next to ARI. There are Japanese-style private rooms as well as small and large shared rooms.  Nasu Seminar House has its own vegetable field, garden, and kitchen. Meetings can be held in the lobby or the main hall.

Dormitories & Guest House

Women’s and men’s dormitories are an affordable on-campus option. Guests share rooms and bathroom facilities and can meet our rural leaders from overseas. Couples and families may rent a room in our guest house, too.