In-Kind Donation

In-Kind Donations

Recycle, Reuse, Resale!

We would appreciate your donation of the following items for our use or resale.

Please read the instructions below and contact us first for discussing the details. We might not be able to accept certain items at some times.

Goods & Currencies


We collect Japanese and foreign language books for our used book market events.

We do not accept magazines, catalogs, or items that are damaged.

items for bazaar

The Asian Rural Institute’s Supporters Association collects item donations for the bazaars they put on at the Harvest Thanksgiving Celebration and at ARI flea markets. The proceeds go towards scholarships for our Rural Leaders Training Program. 

  • unused bags, towels, daily necessities, stationery, handicrafts, toys, household goods, tools, kitchenware
  • furniture, home decor
  • electronics, audio-visual goods
  • canned goods, carbonated beverages
  • potted plants, gardening items

We do not accept clothes, shoes, or plastic dishes at this moment.

gift cards & coupons

We accept valid gift certificates usable anywhere in Japan, beer coupons, department store coupons, travel vouchers, restaurant gift certificates, book coupons, book cards, rice coupons, etc.

telephone cards

We only accept unused Japanese telephone cards.


We collect used stamps for reselling. Please cut out and mount the stamps with a 1cm margin. Separate between Japanese and foreign stamps, and used and unused stamps. There is no need to count them.

foreign currency and old coins

Any currency from any country, be it coins or paper money, is acceptable. We can also accept old Japanese coins.

Frequent Flyer Miles

You can help out ARI and our overseas training participants by donating frequent flyer miles!  

Please contact American Friends of Asian Rural Institute (AFARI) for details.  

American Friends of Asian Rural Institute, Inc.
2028 E Ben White Blvd #240-9000
Austin, TX 78741

Subject: "Frequent flyer miles donation"