Working Visitor

Working Visitors take part in the daily life at ARI, immersing themselves in the community experience. They work with ARI members in assigned sections during the day and during Foodlife Work. 

Please notice below ;

– We ask all visitors to check body temperature and record it from 7 days before 

– We ask all visitors to get an antigen test.

– All visitors are requested to have online guidance before arrival. Please apply in advance.

If you are interested in volunteering long-term (over 60 days), click here:

stay up to 60 days

get to know ARI life

ages 18 and up

Main Activities:
Farming & Community

Foodlife Work

Twice a day, you join Foodlife Work: caring for animals, plants, or cooking for the community.

Morning Gathering

Take part in a time of meditation and singing. Each day, a different person shares from her/his life.

Seasonal Farm Work

Become part of the farm staff and volunteers and help their work during the day!

Other Activities:
Play & Study

Community Events

One of our community-wide recreation events might happen during your stay.

Explore the Library

Expand your horizon with books and magazines in our library.

Have fun!

Our community members love to share singing, culture, and talk away the night.

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