Participant Introduction – Ben (Cameroon)

“Coming from a poor background, I understand what it means to be needy and not have the means to make ends meet. What motivates me more to work for the service of my community is the desire to change the mindsets and improve the livelihoods of my community members.” Veranso Benjamen Litika is a field worker from Cameroon. His community is in the Northwest Region of Cameroon and consists mainly of farmers who practice crop production or livestock rearing as their livelihood. In 2015 he joined the Rural Transformation Center. … Read more

Participant Introduction – Joselin (Ecuador)

“A good leader always motivates the group by investing time in the growth of others, has the communication ability to delegate tasks and give constructive criticism, all this with respect both in the physical aspect, thoughts and actions of the person.” Joselin Carolina Coyago Tallana resides near Cayambe, Ecuador, and works with rural communities. Dairy cattle and green onions are the primary sources of income. Unfortunately, due to the emphasis on rose exports, crop production has declined, and low pay and limited educational opportunities remain prevalent issues.  While her region … Read more

Participant Introduction -Claris (Cameroon)

“Coming from a typical agricultural community characterized by poverty, single motherhood, and gender discrimination and having been raised by a single mum, I noticed and went through many challenges and problems with the worst cases faced by women. This alone motivated me to undertake a course in development studies, so I could contribute through my voice and action to breaching this gap in my community.” Claris is a Field Monitor who provides administrative support. Her primary responsibilities include the preparation of financial requests for the organization. In addition, she also … Read more

“Children and Soil” – documentary now online

Please enjoy the latest documentary on our YouTube channel: Children and Soil. How do children gain awareness of ecology and appreciate the lives of their farming parents? In this beautiful film, “Children and Soil” (2017), school children in India and West Bengal encounter their home communities’ soil. Soil for building, soil for playing, soil for growing food. How children from different situations see agriculture, how teachers develop school gardens, their different—often contrasting—approaches to learning about nature and farming are documented here. The 48 minutes film primarily follows the work of … Read more

“Adding Value” – documentary about Ardhendu Chatterjee

A new documentary film is now accessible on our YouTube channel: Adding Value – Ardhendu S. Chatterjee and Food-Insecure Farmers In Search of Hidden Resources. In this documentary film, we follow rural educator Ardhendu S. Chatterjee as he visits farmers in grassroots Indian communities. Through the perceptive use of natural, living materials, Chatterjee helps farmers practice ecological agriculture to secure their livelihood. Chatterjee is a 1976 graduate of ARI’s Rural Leaders Training and co-founder of the Development Research Communication and Services Centre (DRCSC) in Kolkata. ARI regularly invited him as … Read more

A Football Garden for Sierra Leone – documentary portrays ARI graduate

You can now watch the documentary A Football Garden for Sierra Leone on our official YouTube channel! This documentary portrays Pastor Mambud Samai and his organization, the Single Leg Amputee Sports Association (SLASA). Mambud is the association’s program coordinator and a 2018 graduate of the Rural Leaders Training Program at the Asian Rural Institute. “In Sierra Leone, many youths live with amputations in the wake of the civil war,” said Mambud at the beginning of his training at ARI. “Using the sport of soccer, I work to empower these young … Read more


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