“Adding Value” – documentary about Ardhendu Chatterjee

A new documentary film is now accessible on our YouTube channel: Adding Value – Ardhendu S. Chatterjee and Food-Insecure Farmers In Search of Hidden Resources.

In this documentary film, we follow rural educator Ardhendu S. Chatterjee as he visits farmers in grassroots Indian communities. Through the perceptive use of natural, living materials, Chatterjee helps farmers practice ecological agriculture to secure their livelihood.

Chatterjee is a 1976 graduate of ARI’s Rural Leaders Training and co-founder of the Development Research Communication and Services Centre (DRCSC) in Kolkata. ARI regularly invited him as a lecturer, introducing participants to a deeper understanding of sustainable agriculture and the interdependent environment.

Adding Value was created by the initiative of Dr. Donata Elschenbroich and Dr. Otto Schweitzer, documentary filmmakers with over thirty years of expertise in educational films from a cross-cultural perspective. Donata has known ARI for over ten years and is an expert social researcher who became interested in preserving and condensing Chatterjee’s wisdom in a film.

We present this documentary as a witness of Ardhendu S. Chatterjee’s impact and as a learning opportunity for everyone interested in ecological agriculture and community development.

We also extend our heartfelt gratitude to Donata and Otto for offering their time and skills to create this beautiful documentary with ARI.