Participant Introduction-Sush (India)

2024 participant (india)

“I am keen on imparting knowledge and improving the overall development of human capital among my own people, to enhance better opportunity and better standard of living for my community.”

As an educator, Sushme “Sush” Agitchak Marak’s life work is for the sharing of knowledge to improve people’s sustainability, and to ensure a good life.

Sush comes from the Garo tribe in northeastern India, where she teaches economics in several schools, and volunteers in bible study at her church. Her community has a long history of agricultural work grounded in strong spiritual faith. Recent changes in expectations in many people, however, have loosened community bonds, led people to leave their farms, and seek tertiary jobs at the expense of their own hard labor.

Sush values honesty and integrity in her work, while her time at Harding Universal Trust has increased her awareness and appreciation of environmental care and sustainable farming. While at ARI, Sush hopes to learn better sustainable agriculture techniques so that she can best take advantage of the fertile soils at home. This way, when Sush returns home, she can be a more effective teacher for vocational training, to help expand the capacity of her home community.

Sending Body:

Harding Universal Trust, a part of the Garo Baptist Convention, promotes practical education and leadership throughout northeast India. It also trains farmers to practice sustainable agriculture and develop piggeries, poultry houses and fishery ponds so the populations may learn to live within their own resource capabilities. Future plans include demonstration farms in partnership with government departments, exploration of organic agricultural and livestock operations, and outreach into neighboring villages to expand their educational reach.