Participant Introduction – Dee(Liberia)

“I grew up in rural communities and understand the diverse daily problems. I want to give back to my community what I have learned. Build a system where other young people can see and follow suit and change dependency syndrome’s mentality to self-realization.”

Darkpon Dolokelen (Dee) is a teacher and farmer from Liberia. His community has approximately 5 stick and 56 dirt brick houses. Many people in his community use agriculture as their primary source of living while others engage in small business.

His responsibilities at work are teaching theory and practical agriculture courses to students during vocational training, a life skill program, and running a mini farm of the institution. In addition, he has worked with national and international agro- institutions in building the skills and capacities of youth. Dee believes that one of the most critical aspects of managing people is telling them what they need to hear, not what they want to hear.

At ARI, Dee wants to increase skills and experience in organic farming systems and shape the farming approach back home. Moreover, he wants to learn the different traditional organic farming approaches/techniques ARI uses in growing diverse crops or raising livestock, enhance soil quality for continuous production, and understand the role of organic farming.

Sending Organization

REAP works with disadvantaged youth and young adults, women groups, children, and the physically challenged. REAP’s mission is to enhance leadership at all levels, supporting women and youth empowerment and strengthening community development initiatives and life skills for growth and a better society.


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