Participant Introduction – Yohanes (Indonesia)

“Being a leader does not mean having control over others, but rather taking responsibility for their well-being and ensuring that they are cared for and supported.” – Yohannes’s philosophy of leadership was inspired by the president of Indonesia, Joko Widodo. 

Kenda village is predominantly Christian. As one that strives for food security and economic advancement, Yohanes is responsible for working with the farming community, which contains like-minded local farmers. His work includes plant propagation and cultivation to improve plant growth, yields, quality, nutritional value, and resistance to insects, diseases, and environmental stresses. The project strives to reform their farming systems towards organic and sustainability.

Yohanes wants to extend his knowledge in plant cultivation and looks forward to learning about organic fertilizers and natural pesticides. His job requires good leadership and risk-taking; he wants to start looking for answers without endangering trust in his work. ARI will strengthen his leadership and community-building skills which will help in his work with the farmers and all the community.

Sending Organization      

The Parish is in the remote village of Kenda. The Church works to strengthen the community and their faith in God by implementing agricultural approaches into their worship services. In addition, it has contributed to constructing a high school nearby in Kajong Village, a testament to its commitment to enhancing people’s lives.

The Parish recommended Yohanes because of his passion for his community and the villagers’ respect for his hard work and diligence.