Participant Introduction – Ben (Cameroon)

“Coming from a poor background, I understand what it means to be needy and not have the means to make ends meet. What motivates me more to work for the service of my community is the desire to change the mindsets and improve the livelihoods of my community members.” Veranso Benjamen Litika is a field worker from Cameroon. His community is in the Northwest Region of Cameroon and consists mainly of farmers who practice crop production or livestock rearing as their livelihood. In 2015 he joined the Rural Transformation Center. … Read more

Participant Introduction – Joselin (Ecuador)

“A good leader always motivates the group by investing time in the growth of others, has the communication ability to delegate tasks and give constructive criticism, all this with respect both in the physical aspect, thoughts and actions of the person.” Joselin Carolina Coyago Tallana resides near Cayambe, Ecuador, and works with rural communities. Dairy cattle and green onions are the primary sources of income. Unfortunately, due to the emphasis on rose exports, crop production has declined, and low pay and limited educational opportunities remain prevalent issues.  While her region … Read more

ARI at ECHO Community Florida!

ARI staff traveled to Ft Myers, Florida to attend the ECHO International Agriculture Conference. We spoke with like-minded rural development experts from around the world, and hosted our own workshop on Participatory Learning and Action (PLA). We had a great time and hope to see you at a future conference, whether in Florida, Chiang Mai, or elsewhere!


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