Participant Introduction – Joselin (Ecuador)

“A good leader always motivates the group by investing time in the growth of others, has the communication ability to delegate tasks and give constructive criticism, all this with respect both in the physical aspect, thoughts and actions of the person.”

Joselin Carolina Coyago Tallana resides near Cayambe, Ecuador, and works with rural communities. Dairy cattle and green onions are the primary sources of income. Unfortunately, due to the emphasis on rose exports, crop production has declined, and low pay and limited educational opportunities remain prevalent issues. 

While her region is primarily Catholic, there are members from other faiths and indigenous groups, such as the Cayambi tribe. Addressing malnutrition in children is a top priority, and Joseline leverages her familial connections and knowledge of the indigenous culture to engage with the community. 

Joselin has experience implementing school gardens and lunch programs in rural schools. She communicates with teachers and parents to collect data, monitor compliance, and coordinate activities with state institutions. Joselin also works on rehabilitating her family garden, selling fruit pulp, and giving agricultural advice for income. 

Joselin plans to use ARI training to enhance rural projects, promote cultural exchange, and create sustainable businesses. In addition, she hopes to address social inequality politically.

Sending Organization          

Sociedad de Amigos Niño Ecuatoriano (SANE) is a citizen organization that supports education in Ecuador. Monthly membership fees and donations support their scholarship program for middle and high school students. They sell fair trade goods and invite volunteers to participate in their activities, including concerts and bazaars. SANE wants Joselin to learn innovative techniques, expand her network, and return as a leader.