participant introduction-Victoria (Ghana)

2024 participant (Ghana)

“In every woman is a seed of greatness waiting to blossom, and it’s our duty to nurture it with education, empowerment, and equal opportunities.” These words by Rosemond Victoria help define her role at EDYM as leader of women-directed projects.

Victoria is a passionate advocate for women’s rights, hailing from Ghana. Her community in Ho, situated in the vibrant Volta region, is characterized by its strong agricultural tradition and reliance on farming for livelihoods. In Ho, Victoria is actively involved in community development initiatives, particularly focusing on empowering women through education, economic opportunities, and leadership roles. She is known for her dedication to fostering unity and collaboration, by using her skill in agricultural means fostered from her years of training inside the LF Farmers School and volunteering three years at EDYM. Victoria’s work revolves around engaging with community members, building trust, and implementing projects that promote gender equality and sustainable development.

At ARI, Victoria aims to expand her knowledge of sustainable agriculture, community development, and gender equality. She plans to use this expertise to strengthen ongoing projects and lead new initiatives empowering women, enhancing livelihoods, and fostering inclusive growth in her community upon her return to Ho.

Sending Body:

Environmental Development Youth Movement (EDYM), deeply rooted in Have, collaborates closely with local communities to address pressing challenges and seize opportunities for growth. With a focus on sustainable agriculture, gender equality, and community development, EDYM strives to uplift individuals and communities alike. Through inclusive engagement and innovative initiatives, EDYM works tirelessly to create a brighter, more resilient future for all. EDYM expects Victoria to play a larger role in these activities after ARI, by teaching and implementing sustainable agricultural programs, and expanding them to broaden their impact.