Participant Introduction-Nelk (Uganda)

2024 participant (Uganda)

“I always lead by example and embrace teamwork through delegation.  By this I am able to build trust among my junior employees.  For instance, I always request opinions from them when making decisions on farm improvement such as livestock management.”

Nelson Ishengoma, originally from Uganda, moved to Kenya to join Familia Moja Support Initiative. In this region, the people suffer from limited manpower and an inadequate food supply. In addition, the organization still lacks the space and a consistent budget to do their work. 

Even still, Nelson can passionately grow food for the vulnerable children in his community.  He acts as the liaison of his sending body by reaching out to local farmers and encouraging them to be successful in food production.  Despite moving from Uganda, he has become a member of their community and considers FMSI to be like home.

From ARI, Nelson wishes to learn conflict management, organic farming, and farm management since these topics are most needed in his community and organization. After Nelson returns to Kenya, he will continue helping FMSI as their Farm Manager to promote food security within his community. 

Sending Body:
Familia Moja Support Initiative is a registered, humanitarian not for profit organization existing to uplift the livelihoods of the less privileged among Kenyan communities. Its initiative includes an outreach program taking care of over a hundred children, in addition FMSI reaches out to the elderly, the sick within the community and runs a drop in at the local township for street families. When Nelson returns, they hope he will teach ARI learnings to their community and implement sustainable farming practices.