Participant Introduction – Sangita (Nepal)

“Have faith in your abilities and trust in the unique strengths that reside within you.”  

Sangita is a secretary and assistant to the director of Sister Home. She is deeply invested in grassroots leadership. After being inspired by her sending body, she has taken up the issue of patriarchy in her community and joined an empowerment movement that focuses on educating women about leadership and organic farming. Classes must be carefully publicized and scheduled to make them effective since many women have domestic responsibilities, and some are prohibited from attending.

At Sister Home, Sangita is a valued team member that provides continuous support to 26 orphans. Her responsibilities include accounting, assisting, and teaching. Children receive shelter, nutritious meals, and education that empowers them to reach for their dreams. The children who come to Sister Home often have health and social issues, but Sangita and the Sister Home team create a haven for them to grow and thrive. Through projects such as poultry farming and crop cultivation, the children are learning the importance of hard work and dedication.

Sangita is interested in leadership training to return home with strength and confidence to innovate their program and inspire many more to pursue the same. Upon her return, Sangita wants to apply her knowledge to make her existing projects more efficient and expand her curriculum. 

Sending Organization  

Sister Home Organization, located in Dang District, is a community-based organization committed to supporting women, orphans, and those in need. In addition to educating children, they address the misinformation and marginalization of women. To this end, they offer a range of agricultural projects and leadership classes. They are aware of the sensitivity of this topic in a community where men hold the most power and are dedicated to creating a future of equality.