Participant Introduction – Kally (Nigeria)

“True patience is not merely the capacity to endure a waiting period, but the strength to maintain a positive and optimistic mindset throughout the process.”

Kaliyat belongs to a closely-knit community in which farming and animal husbandry are the primary sources of income. Despite their focus on self-improvement and learning, the community faces challenges such as limited equipment access, inadequate development funding, and low literacy rates. It is a diverse community with members from various religious backgrounds, including Christianity, Islam, and local tribes.

As a married mother of three, Kaliyat is a dedicated teacher of mathematics at Secondary School Gidan Waya. She is also an active leader of the ECWA Women Fellowship and engages in poultry farming. In addition to her teaching responsibilities, she has assisted her community with farm work and household chores at a local orphanage. 

Kaliyat’s goal is to establish a model farm to educate her community about the importance of sustainability and serve as a role model for younger generations. She hopes to bring back valuable knowledge about sustainability from the to further this cause.

Sending Organization          

The ECWA addresses the poverty and difficulties women, especially young girls, face regarding education. It was slowly established after church members of the Gidan-Waya community started giving girls the opportunity of a scholarship, funding clothing, utensils, and their lunchbox.  

Upon Kaliyat’s return, she will work on educating the youth and the rest of the community about sustainable agriculture and its crucial role within society.