Participant Introduction – Pierre

“An effective leader is one who not only possesses the ability to lead but also understands and responds to the needs of the community, all while maintaining a humble and unobtrusive presence.” 

Pierre is a resident of the mountainous Hinche region in Haiti. He recognizes the importance of effective communication and respect for others as fundamental qualities. Despite the challenging circumstances in his community, which relies heavily on rainfall for livelihoods, residents engage in sugarcane syrup production, vegetable cultivation, and livestock rearing activities. Despite differences in religious beliefs, Pierre demonstrates solidarity with fellow community members.

Over the years, Pierre has acquired mechanics, agriculture, and livestock management skills. As a teacher since 2018, he imparts knowledge on poultry farming at Bethesda Central Plateau Training Center (CFBPC) while concurrently coordinating and overseeing the farmland and its employees in his sending body. Besides, he actively participates in livestock management and is pursuing veterinary training, thus broadening his range of competencies.

Pierre has several objectives for his time at ARI, including improving his agricultural proficiencies, community development, and leadership. He also hopes to acquire a more comprehensive understanding of effective communication and the value of respect for others.

Sending Organization          

The Association of Haiti focuses on youth, believing in the power of soil to bring communities closer together. They educate everyone interested in agriculture, livestock, and much more, to be able to provide for themselves and their families. As a result, they are equipped to acquire independence.