Participant Introduction – Mithun(Bangladesh)

“Observing their struggle up close has strengthened my resolve to see the joyous smiles of those in need and a society free from poverty.”

Kaligram village hosts Hindus and Christians that farm and live together harmoniously. Dependent on farming and fishing, all ages and genders work together to make the most of what they have. Family and spirituality are essential. The people seek knowledge of sustainable farming practices to improve food security for future generations. 

Mithun’s profession entails conceiving and executing agricultural work plans, plus training village farmers to improve the productive capacity of farmlands. He emphasizes the significance of adopting a considerate approach towards farmers, offering guidance through encouragement rather than commands. In addition to applying his expertise in the field, Mithun volunteers in a youth service field program to teach future generations about practical agricultural techniques.

He hopes for insightful conversations to acquire knowledge, particularly in rice and vegetable production. He seeks to reduce poverty in his community through agricultural work. Humanely and agriculturally, he wants to develop alongside his fellow participants. Living by his father’s ideals: …to love people experiencing poverty. To become rich.

Sending Organization  SKJS’s mission is to enrich the youth by providing an agricultural curriculum that is free of charge. Christians in faith encourage peace and cooperation to end food insecurity and inequality. ‘Love your neighbor.’ Furthermore, help is offered to those in need of management and to those whose soil becomes unsuited to sustain anymore crops. An analysis is conducted, providing solutions that sustain these farms for future generations. SKJS desires Mithun to acquire advanced knowledge and skills in agriculture, bringing innovative solutions to his community.