Participant Introduction – Angel (Indonesia)

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Angela shares about her role model Father Bernadus Palus and her will to press on. 

Kajong Village, Angela’s birthplace, is a rural community nestled in the Manggarai district of Indonesia, where the inhabitants lead a life centered around spiritual pursuits. Despite being blessed with abundant natural resources, the village is geographically isolated, and the residents need access to education and reject many new ideas. Therefore, Angela’s mission to promote education and economic growth is essential to provide the village’s youth with a secure future.

Angela is responsible for assessing soil quality and identifying potential issues that may impede crop cultivation. Furthermore, she collaborates with local farmers to devise new projects that leverage innovative organic farming techniques by choosing and cultivating specific varieties resilient to a changing climate. Angela also teaches classes to local youth as part of her efforts to promote education in her community. Through her work in educating youth and guiding organic farm practices, Angela is forging a stronger connection with the people of her village.

Upon her return, Angela aspires to implement the principles of organic farming while being mindful of preserving the cultural heritage of her ancestral village.

Sending Organization     

Santa Maria Immaculata Parish is based in the remote village of Kajong. This parish has spearheaded the integration of agricultural approaches into its worship services. Moreover, the parish has overseen the construction of a high school, a testament to its commitment to enhancing the lives of the locals.