A Japan nation-wide FM Radio Interview – ARI Director Tomoko Arakawa

ONAIR Aug 18, 7:15AM 1:15 from the beginning of the archive.

ARI Director Tomoko Arakawa will appear on “JK RADIO TOKYO UNITED,” a nation-wide FM Radio program, with John Kabira as the host! John Kabira and Tomoko Arakawa will talk about the roots of ARI, activities over the past 50 years, and the vision for ARI in the years to come. 

You can listen to it (in Japanese) a week as an archive at the page linked below.

(Using your PC browser is easier to listen to. You need an app called radiko when you try on your smartphone)

It is a 10 min interview from 7:15AM.

So it starts at 1:15 from the beginning of the archive.

If you have somebody in your mind who may be curious about this program, please share the link above!

The interview will be aired  August 18, from 7:15 a.m. Please click the link below to listen to the program! (The program will be held in Japanese.)

2023/08/18/金 06:00-09:00 | -JK RADIO-TOKYO UNITED(PART1) | J-WAVE | radiko