Participant Introduction-La (Vietnam)

2024 Participant (Vietnam)

“I practise a lifestyle that I can give what I can. That may be time with family, community, sharing joy with nature and food to others. Work for nature to enrich the soil and natural resources”. 

La comes from Dak Lak province, located in the central highland of Vietnam. Although she is Kinh Vietnamese, she grew up in the Gia Ria ethnic and Ede ethnic indigenous community. After studying and working in the city for 9 years she decided to come back to her hometown to pursue a minimalist lifestyle that is self-sufficient and centred around natural farming. 

Along with 29 other households, the community cultivates 50 hectares of land by following sustainable practices such as agroforestry. “We take care of the soil, take care of the trees, do not use any chemicals in farming as well as in daily life to protect the soil and water sources”. 

She also currently advises those who would like to begin agroforestry or build sustainable housing suited to climatic and soil conditions. She also helps them to live with local food and local resources. Her other role is to connect local farmers to consumers. She strongly believes in the benefits that sustainable agriculture can bring to a community such as those to health, life and the environment. 

She hopes to further build on her skills at ARI to help her work with her community more effectively to have a happy life and sustainable development. Her core vision is to see her community “share foods, life and indigenous knowledge with each other”. 

Sending Body:

Mekong Organics supports farmers and young people who are practising sustainable agriculture in Vietnam. They undertake research and training in organic food production. Certification, nutrition and health for farmers, traders, communities and consumers. They see La as a key person who can help strengthen the network and support for smallholder farmers in the central highlands.