Participant Introduction-Azi (India)

2024 Participant (India)

“As Women Pastor I wish not only to impart spiritual feeding but also to help women do some projects that will enable them to get sustainable income for themselves, their family and the society as a whole.”

Müzinülü, who also goes by Azi, has worked for more than 10 years as a children Pastor and 3 years as the Women Pastor of Chozuba Baptist Church in a rural area of Nagaland, a predominantly Christian state in India. Azi coordinates children and women to engage in worship services, discipleship, community activities, and farm work. In her area, people are struggling socially, culturally, politically, and economically. Although people value and pursue education, employment opportunities are few, so there are many problems with substance abuse, poverty, and poor health. 

She is passionate about serving the women and children in her community. She has participated in seminars to help women fight illegal activities by developing leadership skills and taking part in economic self-help groups. In addition, Azi is proud that thanks to her advocacy for children in her church, the elders have gradually come to understand the importance of supporting a robust children’s ministry. 

At ARI she looks forward to developing skills in leadership and self-reliance and to sharing her strengths as a spiritual leader. When she returns to her community, she would like to teach and create a demonstration organic farm to help make a difference in society.

Sending Body:

The Chozuba area of Nagaland comprises 18 villages, often neglected by the state governmental developmental organizations. For more than 60 years, the Chozuba Area Baptist Church Council has been serving all fellowship groups: Women, Men, Youth, and Children. The women department endeavors to holistically empower the women to engage in leadership to help with everything from evangelism to environmental care, self-reliance, and family management. The Council plans for Azi to go to villages to implement training seminars and demonstrate organic farming with women and children.