Participant Introduction – Otim (Uganda)

“A typical day in my community is full of meeting basic needs such as health, gathering firewood or charcoal, cooking, and agricultural activities like gardening, rearing animals, and caring for the poultry.”

Otim Nebin Aron is a farming and health assistant in the orphanage St. Jude Children’s Home, where he has volunteered and assisted children with disabilities in the last five years.

Otim grew up in a post-war conflict rural community facing poverty, poor health conditions, unreliable income, and lack of education. While a big part of his job as a farming assistant includes working with pigs and livestock feed, Otim also serves through his tree planting project, supporting the orphanage, health education, and first aid emergencies. The direct work with the local people allows him to understand his community’s current issues, needs and wants. In addition, he manages grassroots door-to-door immunization against communicable diseases.

During his stay at ARI, he wants to gain more agricultural and leadership skills. As well as the ability to make the most out of local resources to improve the situation of his community. Upon his return, he wants to promote and educate about organic agriculture and support health work.

Sending Organization          

“To provide a loving home where all children in need are equally treated, able to receive psycho-social support, health care, sound education, and basic care.” This is St. Jude Children’s Home’s mission since its foundation. The Orphanage has a variety of projects, including providing support to vulnerable and disabled children and educational offers.

Otim grew up at St. Jude Children’s Home and wants to give back to the children’s home and community. After his return from ARI, he will take an active role in the home’s activities and be an encouraging role model for the children.