ARI’s 50th Anniversary Collaboration. Kansai, Minamata, USA, Thailand… Japan and abroad. ARI will be featured in Japanese Radio and TV programs this weekend.

Today 11/18 (Sat) 23:00-23:30and tomorrow 11/19 (Sun) 19:00-19:30 in Japan

Today 11/18 (Sat) 23:00-23:30 and tomorrow 11/19 (Sun) 19:00-19:30 in Japan, an interview with our director, Tomoko Arakawa, will be aired on radio. She will talk about various stories behind ARI’s warm welcome towards community members from diverse cultural backgrounds.

FM COCOLO (Osaka): 11/18 (Sat) 23:00-23:30
FM Yokohama: 11/19 (Sun) 19:00-19:30

2023/11/19/日 19:00-19:30 | SUNSTAR WEEKEND JOURNEY | FMヨコハマ | radiko

On 11/19 (Sun), ARI will be featured in the program “Eizo no Tochigi #34” on Tochigi TV as part of the history related to agriculture.
Please remember the activity of ARI that has been sending out leaders from Nasushiobara who are active in rural communities suffering from hunger, poverty, and conflict for 50 years.
Commemorating the 150th Anniversary of the Birth of Tochigi Prefecture “Eizo no Tochigi #34” 11/19 (Sun) 9:00-9:15 AM

This year, we have been covered by many media outlets for our 50th anniversary, and we have also had the opportunity to meet many people, both old and new, as Corona has settled down.
In September, we celebrated our 50th anniversary with 1,399 alumni from 62 countries and over 400 of our many supporters, both on-campus and online, from around the world.
Since the beginning of the year, the 50th reunion has been held every 5-10 years over a 3-month period, bringing together many old faces from Japan and abroad.

In October, many people worked together to create a domestic and international crowdfunding campaign.

November, ARI has been collaborating and reconnecting with many people over the past month.
The Western Japan Study Tour, which resumed last school year after Corona, has been a great opportunity for participants to learn about the social issues Japan has been facing and to visit different parts of the country.

We also conducted a Western Japan Caravan in which staff and training assistant visited Kwansei Gakuin, Doshisha and other supporters in the Kansai region.
At the Clover Festival held at Doshisha University in early November, members of DUARI: the ARI club of the Doshisha University supported the ARI by holding a booth. (Thank you to everyone who enjoyed and made the Mitarashi dumplings with special soy sauce, and thank you for participating in the “Eat Together” ARI!)

ARI staff met with nine ARI Graduates as part of a regional meeting of graduate meeting organized by AFARI (American Friends OF Asian Rural Institute) at the ECHO Asian Agriculture and Regional Development Conference 2023 in Thailand.

In the U.S., ARI staff members met new and old friends by participating in the ECHO International Agricultural Conference held in Fort Myers, Florida, and visiting various places in the U.S.

These are all connected to ARI’s efforts to seek world peace from “Peace from the Soil,” which seeks to change the world through the development of rural leaders and self-reliant communities.

For example, ARI participants in the West Japan Training Program are currently on a two-week bus trip to Minamata City in Kumamoto Prefecture in the south while learning about various social issues in Japan in Tokyo, Shizuoka, Kansai, and Hiroshima. This is a journey of encountering the social issues that Japan has experienced since the end of World War II and the people who are facing them in various parts of the country.

Rather than learning about Japan’s history as it used to be, the issues of pollution in Minamata and homelessness and discrimination in Kansai are social issues that their countries and communities are facing right now. This is a journey to confront the problems that are happening now, and to face the social issues that they themselves will encounter in the future as rural leaders of the next generation, as well as the social issues that accompany economic development.

As part of this years’ training program, Ms. Keiko Holmes will visit ARI next week on Friday, November 24, and hold a session with the participants. Last year, she visited ARI and held a session on reconciliation with participants from Southeast Asia and other countries that were colonized by Japan.
Agape World – Keiko Holmes OBE (

In celebration of its 50th anniversary, ARI is developing various collaborative projects.

Connect with ARI as we share “Peace from the Soil”. Join us to build ARI’s commitment to world peace through eating and living together.