Meat Processing at ARI: Part 2

Mr. Hideo Koide from Neu Frank in Nasu returned shortly after the first class to continue teaching us how to process meat and produce bacon, jerky, tea ham (chashu), and meatloaf. On a sunny afternoon, Participants quickly assembled in the kitchen, eager for the lesson of the day. Mr. Koide started explaining the processing for each item, bowls of seasoning and ingredients laid out before him. Participants immediately got to task and worked hand in hand to prepare jerky and tea ham: chopping up garlic and onion, mixing various ingredients and seasoning, boiling water, etc.

The class briefly left the kitchen when Mr. Hideo explained the processing of bacon with the sample which had already been dried and smoked outdoors early that morning. Participants clapped as they saw the bacon-smoking process complete, excited to be closer to the finishing line for bacon processing.

Re-entering the kitchen, Mr. Hideo gave Participants several interesting variations of seasoning for meatloaf, such as cheese and nuts! Participants got back to the chopping board in no time to prepare different types of meatloaf and send them straight into the oven. On the other hand, the smoked bacon was to be boiled and then cooled. Everyone worked on different stages of different processes, while Mr. Hideo looked on and readily answered any questions that the Participants had.

We are so grateful for Mr. Hideo’s generosity in sharing his time and knowledge with us, while being so open to hearing from the Participants about how they processed meat in their own culture. The ARI community sure was delighted to enjoy the delicious meatloaf for supper that evening!