ARI will be on the radio/podcast program “Learning about Disaster Prevention and Mitigation”

(Please listen to it if you’d like the radio program in Japanse)

ARI’s director and chaplains got interviewed for CRT Tochigi Broadcasting’s special radio program, “Learning about Disaster Prevention and Mitigation.”

They will talk about the ARI experience of the March 11 Tohoku earthquake.

ARI’s broadcasts will be on March 4 and 11. (Re-broadcasts will be on March 5 and 12)

The program will also be available via podcast. Details: CRT Tochigi Broadcasting

Program name: “JA Kyosairen Tochigi Presents Special News Program: Learning Disaster Prevention and Mitigation”

This program is designed to provide an opportunity to raise awareness about disaster prevention and how to minimize damage and prompt recovery when a disaster occurs.

Broadcast date and time:

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Main broadcast: 2/25 (Sat), 3/4 (Sat), 3/11 (Sat) 12:10-12:40

Re-broadcast 2/26 (Sun), 3/5 (Sun), 3/12 (Sun) 10:00-10:30

The second and third sessions are ARI. (Broadcasts will be aired on March 4 and 11, with rebroadcasts on March 5 and 12, respectively)

Broadcast details: 

First session: Saturday, February 25, 2023

Disaster Prevention Capability of Tochigi” (in preparation for possible future disasters) 

Second Session: Saturday, March 4, 2023 (ARI)

Disaster Prevention Education” (Disaster prevention education in educational institutions and facilities) 

Third Session: Saturday, March 11 (ARI)

Preparedness for Disaster” (What kind of mental care and mental preparedness is needed?)