Harvest Thanksgiving Celebration 2021

2021 Video Archive

HTC 2021 happened all online. You can rewatch all our programs here!

Introduction Video

Music Performances

The Story of Rice

Talk Session

Today's schedule
October 9th (Sat)


Worship Service

We will give thanks for the harvest with prayer and praise.

We also will have an offering that you can give to online using the form down at the bottom of this page.



Please enjoy the music and dance together.


Story of Rice

Rice has a history before coming to our table. 


Talk Session

Please listen to the stories of the participants and the graduates.

YouTube Streaming Link

If you can’t spare your time, or if you can’t watch the live stream, you can watch it on YouTube here.
The same videos will be available when the scheduled time comes.

HTC2021 Worship Offering

Thank you very much for participating in this year’s HTC.   We appreciate everyone’s contribution towards the worship offering and are pleased to share that 50,000 yen was given in this year’s offering.   We pray that God will use this money for His Kingdom and that you will receive blessing for your faithfulness. This year’s offering will be sent to


Sending love to the world through medical care. Purpose: To support medical supplies for new coronaviruses in rural areas in Asia and Africa (Antigen test kits, ventilators, etc.) JAPAN OVERSEAS CHRISTIAN MEDICAL COOPERATIVE SERVICE

Japan Overseas Christian Medical Cooperative Service (JOCS)


This non-governmental organization was established in 1960.

Its mission is to “follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, protect the health and life of people in trouble, and share suffering and joy with people.” To accomplish this mission the organization provides various activities for people in rural areas in Asia and Africa based on the following three basic guidelines.

  • Health and medical support with a focus on people-to-people relationships in rural areas of Asia and Africa.
  • Health care activities for the poor and vulnerable.
  • Human resource development to achieve the above.

Purpose of this offering

COVID-19 medical supplies to rural areas in Asia and Africa
(Antigen test kits, respirators, etc.)

Projects undertaken to support countermeasures against COVID-19 this year.

UMN Tansen Hospital (Nepal)
Improving the system of medical staff and purchase antigen test kits to deal with infected patients.
UMN Okhaldunga Community Hospital (Nepal)
Purchasing antigen test kits and ventilators for the treatment of infected patients.
TLMN Anandaban Hospital (Nepal)
Purchasing necessary supplies for the isolation ward for infected patients, as well as improvements to facilities and equipment to increase the number of beds.
Tabora Archdiocesan Health Office (Tanzania)
Purchasing oxygen concentrators for the treatment of infected patients at medical facilities under the Tabora Archdiocesan Health Office and to provide training for their use.

Countdown Videos Archive

“Harvest Thanksgiving Day (HTC) at home this year”⁡

For one month until October 9 (Saturday), the day of the Harvest Thanksgiving Celebration, we have been posting HTC countdown videos every Saturday on ARI’s official YouTube.
If you have already seen the video, please watch it again along with the online HTC video.

HTC 2021 Countdown Event vol.1 Fashion Show

HTC 2021 Countdown Event vol.2 Cooking Workshop

HTC 2021 Countdown Event vol.3 Dance

HTC 2021 Countdown Event vol.4 Take My Hand