Request for 2023 Christmas Special Donations

Your Seeds of Hope empower the dreams of rural leaders worldwide. ARI participants in the class of 2023 celebrated their graduation ceremony on Saturday, December 9, and returned to their home countries with their dreams in their hearts. Your support will become Seeds of Hope that will be carried with the graduates to the rural areas in each country, and their work will create hope for more and more people. As Christmas approaches, we invite you to entrust your Seeds of Hope with ARI’s enthusiastic participants. Your donation will be … Read more

The 51st Commencement Service was held

On Saturday, December 9, we held the 51st commencement service in unseasonably warm weather. 26 participants are now “graduates”!Thank you to all those who attended the ceremony and those who remembered us from afar. On December 12, we sent off 4 graduates with a lot of tears, hugs, songs and prayers. All the remaining graduates will leave on Friday.Director Tomoko Arakawa described seedlings uprooted from their respective places to be transplanted and grown in the ARI community. These seedlings, our newest graduates, will be uprooted again from here to grow … Read more

ARI Launches an English Poetry & Picture Book

Tucked away on a hillside in Japan is a unique school… Life at ARI is brought alive by the gentle and warm haiku accompanied by colorful watercolor illustrations. We invite readers to explore the world of ARI, where life is sustained by seeds and soil and enriched by community. This English poetry and picture book comes with a Japanese translation and is a perfect gift for all ages. We recommend it for those who want to learn more about ARI, for those who love nature, and as well as for … Read more