Training Assistant Introduction-Thi Thi (Myanmar)

2024 Training Assistant (Myanmar)

“I love organizing, planning, and implementation work with people and lead spiritual life activities for others.”

Thi Thi Win comes from the Sagaing Region of Myanmar.  Since graduating from ARI in 2014, Thi Thi has handled responsibilities for self-help groups who manage demonstration farm plots.  Since 2022 she has been the Community Development Coordinator, as well as a Technical Support staff, at a local Eco-village farm school. With this commitment, Thi Thi focuses on youth, teaching community development courses, planning, organizing and monitoring training, financial record and report writing, doing small survey research and follow-up activities. 

Unfortunately, Thi Thi’s village is affected by the Myanmar political crisis. She feels that now is the best time to upgrade her knowledge and contribute to ARI for a safe and meaningful purpose.

As the 2024 ARI Training Assistant, Thi Thi plans to work for the FEAST (Food, Education, and Sustainable Table), Women’s Dorm Coordinator, and Community Life. Here, she will learn aspects of food quality, such as food safety, sensory characteristics, nutritional values, and convenience. 

After Thi Thi returns to Myanmar, she will continue her gardening work and support of women-centered businesses in her community that she initiated in 2021. Thi Thi shares her dream “for all women, men, and children of my community to have physical and economic access to a sufficient, happy and healthy lifestyle by doing sustainable organic farming.”