ARI Director Tomoko Arakawa’s book will be reprinted!

50th-anniversary price: 1,000 yen per book (tax included, shipping not included)

ARI Director Tomoko Arakawa’s book “Seeking Knowledge to Live Together – From the Window of ARI” will be reprinted.

The way of life and one’s own words are inseparable. This book teaches us once again that grassroots activities based on personal encounters and dialogues, rooted in self-reflection, and continued in a steady manner, and the words that emerge from these activities will resonate in our hearts as true “wisdom”.
(Reviewer: Rev. Shoko Kitanaka, Pastor of International Christian University Church)

Translated excerpt from a book review in the Christ Newspaper Web Edition

We expect the book to be in short supply for about three months before it is reprinted. Please be patient as you may have to wait.

ARI Director Tomoko Arakawa’s book “Seeking Knowledge for Living Together – From ARI’s Window” is now available for order.
The book is available at the following special price if you order it from ARI.
Please contact ARI to place your order.
(+81) 0287-36-3111
The regular price is 1,200 yen (tax not included), but only for the year 2023
50th-anniversary price 1,000 yen (tax included, shipping not included)


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