March 30 (Sat) – Tomoko Arakawa, Director of ARI, speaks at a Symposium “Farmers and Tomorrow’s Table”

March 30, 2024, 13:00-15:00 (doors open 12:30)

The Japanese government has set a plan to increase the cultivated land for organic farming in Japan to 1 million hectares by 2050, 40 times the current level.

There is a serious shortage of bearers in agriculture, and the increase in abandoned farmland has become a social problem in Japan.

If this situation continues, farmers may disappear before more land is cultivated for organic farming.

To protect the global environment and abundant food for the future, a symposium will be held to discuss what can be done now by both farmers and eaters to protect the global environment and abundant food.

Tomoko Arakawa will speak at the symposium as the Director of ARI, a learning center for world rural leaders which practices “Peace from the Soil” under the motto “To Live Together”. She will be joined with Keiichi Furuya, Chairman of Furuya Agricultural Products, and Hiroko Nakashita, Representative Director of the National Council against Dioxin and Environmental Hormone, to discuss with those in attendance.

Date: Saturday, March 30, 2024, 13:00-15:00 (doors open 12:30)

Place: Training Room D, Ohtawara City Shogai Gakushu Center, Tochigi Prefecture

Admission: Free



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