Thank you for celebrating ARI 50th anniversary with us.

50th Anniversary Ceremony is delivered on the Commemorative Site

We are deeply grateful that many of you remember us and joined our commemorative ceremony on Saturday, September 16.

Sharing our joy with so many people is the first step towards moving ARI’s “Peace from the Soil” initiative forward in its quest for world peace.

You can view the ceremony livestream archive on our 50th anniversary website.

We hope you enjoy the unique stories and feelings expressed by the ARI community. Our keynote address was delivered by Mr. Ardhendu Chatterjee ’76, with a sermon by Rev. Robert Witmer of United Church of Canada. We hosted gospel music performed by MARISA and our  participants from Liberia welcomed guests with their songs.

ARI believes that sharing food is deeply connected to living together.

We will be opening a Harvest Thanksgiving Cerebration event on Saturday, October 14. We would be delighted if you would take the opportunity to come and join us around the table and be a part of our community.

We hope that you will take the opportunity to participate in our crowdfunding campaign in time with our anniversary celebration.

Overseas, donations will be collected through GlobalGiving’s travel expense support campaign at,
In Japan, we are supporting training and educational content campaigns on ReadyFor

ARI is committed to nurturing future leaders and graduates who will continue to promote “Peace from the Soil” in rural communities around the world. 



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