50th Anniversary of
the Asian Rural Institute

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Learning Together for a Rural Future

As we at ARI reflect on our journey over the last 50 years, we are filled with gratitude and humility. Our mission to build an environmentally healthy, just, and peaceful world through training rural leaders in sustainable farming and living has guided this journey—and in the process empowered countless rural communities around the globe. Recognizing that this has been possible only due to  the trust and participation of many, we invite you, the ARI family, to joyfully celebrate with us in the spirit of “That We May Live Together.”


At this 50th Anniversary, we reaffirm our mission and dedicate ourselves to learning together for a rural future. We envision this future as one in which people and soil care for each other. For this purpose, we intend to widen our community of learning through educational programs that center on ecological consciousness, Foodlife, servant leadership, self-awareness and spirituality. The values and skills of these programs will inspire learners to constructive action for the next generation. 


As we continue to strengthen ARI as an organization, our focus is to understand, use, and share what we learn from our campus community. This ‘whole campus approach’ integrates Foodlife, education, climate action, and organizational resilience, enabling us to explore and pass on what we call ‘peace from the soil.’

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ANNUAL schedule

Feb 16th

Kick off

Open up the annual program of 50th anniversary year

Sep 16th

Foundation Day

Get together both on campus and online to celebrate the 50th anniversary

Oct XXth

Harvest Giving Celebration Day

Celebrate HTC

Twice a month whole year

Graduate Reunion

Have online reunion for the graduate each year

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