ARI’s 50th Anniversary Donation Site Japanese version is now open (followed by English version coming soon)

Today the Japanese version of 50th anniversary donation page is open. The English version will be coming soon around the time of opening ceremonies.

The target amount is 20 million yen.

Please remember with the activity of the graduates and ARI training.

We will be posting updates on this page from time to time about the work of our graduates, the voices of our supporters, opening ceremonies live streaming, and anniversary events that we would like to remember together on the occasion of our 50th anniversary with the theme “Learning together for the rural future.” We will post the notices on SNS.

We would be happy if you could use this opportunity to let people who do not yet know about ARI know about us.

We hope you will spread about the donation to as many people as possible.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Where do you like to donate from?